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AMP is powered by SCL Health, Ortho Montana and the Yellowstone Surgery Center.

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    The Sports Medicine Center at Ortho Montana specializes in taking care of the injured athlete.

    To make an appointment with an AMP physician, please contact Ortho Montana. The Sports Medicine Center at Ortho Montana specializes in taking care of the injured athlete, from professional to the avid amateur.

    Student athletes are a priority and are attempted to be seen within 48 hours. When making an appointment, please mention that the patient is a student athlete, what school they attend and if they have already seen an Athletic Trainer.

    406.237.5050 |

    Ortho Montana also has Urgent Care to provide immediate high quality orthopedic care. You can avoid paying multiple co-pays by coming straight to Ortho Montana Urgent Care when you need orthopedic medical attention, without the wait.

    • Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 10:00am – 7:00pm
    • Address: Ortho Montana. 2900 12th Ave North, Suite 140W, Billings, MT 59101
    • Phone: (406) 237-5100
    • Learn more:

    Our Commitment

    We are dedicated to providing a skilled, hands-on evaluation and appropriate diagnostic testing to determine the ultimate plan of care for each patient. Participation in athletics is widely popular amongst many people with different skill levels, different motives, and different goals with one shared need, the need for a comprehensive sports medicine program. We are committed to providing the same high level of care to each of our patients whether the seasoned professional or the weekend warrior. We are also devoted to keeping the athletic community healthy by educating the area athletes and coaches about injury prevention and recognition.

    Our Services

    We provide both surgical and non-surgical treatment options to our patients. However, if surgery is the right solution to your problem, we have particular skill in the operating room. Our expertise includes ligament and joint reconstruction, arthroscopic surgery, rotator cuff repair, and knee surgery just to name a few. We use the most cutting-edge techniques and have access to the most advanced equipment and instrumentation. We work closely with our physical therapists and athletic trainers to provide a team approach to your rehabilitation so that optimum recovery is achieved as soon as possible.

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    Yellowstone Surgery Center
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