Program Specs

  • Minimum number of athletes: 15
  • Junior High athletes and up
  • 6 week intensive program
  • 1.25 hour sessions
  • Come prepared to stay hydrated since the sessions are outdoors
  • Offered every summer

On the Road

AMP will come to you!

Live in a Southeastern Montana community and want some sports specific performance training? Contact AMP about the availability of our On the Road sessions, where our performance coaches come to you. They pack up the AMP van with all of the sports training equipment and provide scientifically designed and developed progressive training to out of town athletes.

Registration Information

Tom Ebel

Scientifically Designed and Developed

All procedures and protocols are scientifically designed and developed. The training is progressive, building on what was learned from class to class and incorporates the same time-honored and proven training techniques used by Olympic and professional athletes. The sessions focus on the entire body. This includes utilizing the weight of the body in dynamic and core-strengthening movement, instead of a focus on weight resistance training on specific muscle groups. Proper bio-mechanical techniques and fundamentals are worked on so the athletes learn to use the body as efficiently as possible.

After the extensive training, these entire body movements and techniques become second nature to the athlete, creating a strong foundation. Whether they are running, scoring a goal, landing from a jump, or recovering from being pushed or shoved, the body instinctively switches into the proper position. This aids in injury prevention and allows the athlete to maximize their potential and achieve their peak performance.

Building Core Stability

AMP utilizes a unique form of movement exercise for the warm-up that differs from traditional sports training. Our dynamic warm-up is done at the beginning of each class. It increases an athlete's heart rate, opens-up joints and builds core stability without tiring the muscles. Instead of static stretching, our dynamic warm-up consists of movement patterns that imitate what an athlete does in their competitive sport.

Group Setting with Individual Attention

Some young athletes don't feel comfortable for individual training, so AMP provides the best of both worlds. Athletes are pre-tested at their first class. This allows the performance coaches to get a good look at all the participants and their individual skill level and determine a good marking on how to start with an athlete or group of athletes. Those with similar measurements are grouped or matched up competitively, so that instruction can be geared to their needs and they can more easily achieve their goals. The group environment allows athletes to feel comfortable and safe.

At the last class, post-testing is done. By then, the mechanics are second nature and athletes are in a position to reach their maximum potential. Their confidence is strengthened as they understand their abilities and how their body should be working. The athletes are then fully prepared to go into their next sport with an extra edge.

The program is intended for healthy individuals who desire and are committed to increase their overall performance levels and abilities through hard work and self-discipline.

General Questions

Q: What kind of athletes benefit from the Performance Programs?

Athletes from all sports should complete an AMP Performance Program. This includes "traditional" sports such as football, volleyball, soccer, wrestling, basketball and baseball, as well as gymnastics, dancing, swimming, golf, skiing, track and field, rodeo, cheerleading, long distance running, mixed martial arts and more.

Q: What do I need to bring with me to the sessions?

We recommend free-moving athletic clothing (shorts, t-shirt) and a pair of running, cross-training or basketball shoes that provide good support, as your feet will constantly be experiencing high impact. The most important thing to bring, however, is the right attitude. These sessions are held outdoors. Please bring appropriate attire and water.