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Performance Programs

Take your performance to a new level.

Athletes aren't born. They're made.

ACL Post-Op
Recovering from an ACL or patellar realignment surgery and anxious to get back to playing sports? This class is designed specifically for you. During this class, with a group of athletes in similar situations, you are guided through your training with a lot of individual attention to get you back physically and emotionally where you were prior to the injury.

On the Road program
Let AMP come to you. With a minimum of 15 requirement of athletes, work with our performance coaches to arrange dates and times so we can bring our training programs to your town.

Performance Training
AMP has partnered with two CrossFit gyms that provide sports performance training for Billings junior high, high school and college aged athletes throughout the year.

Beartook CrossFit
2940 Grand Ave.
Billings, MT 59102
P: (701) 317.2243
E: beartoothcrossfit@gmail.com
Owner: Dayne Dyer

Rimrock CrossFit
2701 Enterprise Ave.
Billings, MT 59102
P: (406) 671.7241
E: rimrockcrossfit@gmail.com
Director: Mark Desin