Skyler Hilden

April Athlete of the Month 2015

Featured Athlete of the Month athletes have participated in AMP / Elite Sports Performance Training by Granite Health and Fitness and have had measured improvement in their athletic abilities.

Senior, Billings Skyview High School

Sports & Accomplishments

Spring Sports Lacrosse

  • Number of years Varsity Lacrosse: 3 years
  • Position: Attackman
  • Events: Box and Field Lacrosse
  • Jersey Number: 21
  • Accomplishments: Team Captain

Elite Sports Performance (ESP) / AMP

When did you go through the ESP/AMP program?
Winter 2014-15

How did you learn about ESP/AMP?
My lacrosse coach recommended the class to me.

What was your favorite ESP/AMP workout and why?
My favorite workout was using the high speed treadmill. It’s a piece of equipment that most people will never get to use and its really exhilarating to be on.

What exercises helped you best for your sports you are involved in?
Lacrosse has a lot of side to side movement and the classes that I took really helped me to increase my ability to change directions quickly.

What was the hardest part about going through the ESP/AMP program?
Making time to attend the classes.

Would you do it again? Would you recommend it to others?
The class really helped me to improve my form when going through athletic movements which will carry over to all sports that I play; I would definitely recommend it.

Sports advice for other athletes?
Training in general but only smart training will put you ahead.

A Personal Look

Hobbies: Guitar, rock climbing, fishing, skiing and weightlifting

What extra activities/clubs/volunteer work have you been involved with during your high school career?

  • Key Club Lt. Governor for the state of Montana
  • Student Council
  • National Honor Society
  • Billings Clinic Volunteer
  • Played Alto Saxophone in Symphonic Band
  • Educational Talent Search

The thing I liked best about my High School is:
I really liked getting to know all of my classmates over the last four years, I have met some really awesome people.

Favorite class: Psychology

Favorite teacher: Mr. Michels

Favorite food: Barbequed Ribs

Favorite book: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

Favorite TV show: That 70’s Show

Favorite musical group: Logic

Favorite movie: Pulp Fiction

If a movie were made of my life, I would like the following actor to play me:
John Krasinski

The person in history I would most like to meet is:
Mahatma Gandhi

Many people don’t know this about me, but I...
while lifeguarding I have helped resuscitate someone who had drowned.

Favorite sports figure: Paul Rabil

My greatest moment in sports so far is:
Scoring my first ever lacrosse goal.

My advice to youngsters is:
Later on you’re going to wish that you had started now.

My future goals are:
To attend college at the University of Montana and work towards getting a graduate degree in Physical Therapy

If you could have a “do-over” in your life at this point, what would it be:
I would have started working on all of my hobbies and interests much earlier. I could have really improved myself if I had started working on things earlier than I did.

My parents are -- and what they do (only if you are comfortable listing):
My parents are Alan and Diana Hilden. My mother is a School Counselor for the Billings School District and works at Sandstone Elementary. My father is a School Psychologist for the Billings School District, and works at Skyview High School.

My siblings are: I am an only child

Photo Credit: Alsa Photography

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