Rocky Erickson

April Comeback Sportscaster of the Month 2018


Injury: Total Knee Replacement
Doctors: Dean Sukin, MD


When did you first start noticing problems, was it triggered by something?
30 years ago, I hurt my knee playing basketball in a church league, which resulted in a surgery to remove a chip of bone. My knee was never the same again, and just continued to get worse as the years went by.

What made you finally go in and see a doctor?
There were two factors that made me finally decide it was time have something done:

One deciding factor was when my knee pain began to affect my work. During the 2016 football season, it became unbearable going up and down stairs and carrying my sportscasting equipment.

After basketball season, in April, I took my wife to the Holy Land. There was a lot of walking, and I didn’t handle the pain well. That is when I decided it was time to have something done.

I first spoke with Dr. Elliott, and he really helped me get everything set up with Dr. Sukin. I needed the surgery to happen in between my sportscasting commitments with the Midland Roundtable All-Star Basketball games and the Shrine East/West Football game. Dr. Sukin told me to pick a Tuesday, and I decided on June 20th. The next day I was able to walk (with a walker) 1/2 a block, and I had no pain!

What was involved in your recovery?
I did my rehab with Doug Chase, PT, LAT, CSCS of West Billings Physical Therapy, and absolutely loved it! I lived and died by what he said. I would show up 20-30 minutes early, and would even show up with no appointment so I could ride the pedal bike.

Final Thoughts

  • Dr. Sukin, Dr. Elliott and Doug Chase are really the best at what they do!
  • I wish I had a scar! I had this total knee replacement and I have this girly scar that can barely be seen.
  • It’s been almost a year since the surgery and I’m 100% pain free, I wish I had done it sooner.

A Personal Look

Spouse / Children:
My perfect wife, Kristi (I’m on my way home). And my unperfect children, Karissa (28, Bozeman) and Kory (24, Denver).

Hobbies: golf

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Vida, and attended a 3 room country school. I attended high school in Wolf Point.

When you were younger, what sports were you involved in?
I did 2 years of basketball in high school, and wasn’t any good.

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I’ve always wanted to be a sportscaster. My dad was on the School Board, and when Wolf Point and Circle would meet in Vida to play basketball games, they’d come to our house for the key to the gym. I’d follow them and did play by play as a 3rd grader. In the 5th grade, my parents bought me a reel to reel, and I would sit in the bleachers at the games and pretend to be Howard Cosell. When I went to Lynchburg, VA to go to College Liberty University, I traveled with the football and basketball teams announcing the games and part-time worked at the radio station.

Best part about being a husband?
Having a perfect wife, she’s the most incredible person God put on this earth.

Best part about being a dad?
Getting to see how well the kids are doing today, because my wife was such an awesome mom.


  • Northern Sports Network, Sports Director
  • Daily radio show is on 40 stations
    • For KURL Radio 93.3: cover Billings West High Football and Basketball
    • For Billings Catholic Radio: cover Billings Central Rams
    • Midland Roundtable MT/WY All-Star Basketball games
  • Montana Shrine East/West Football game
  • Freelance Sportscaster: MHSA (Tournaments)
  • Speaking engagements


  • National Sportscaster and Sports Writer Association:
    • 9 time Montana Sportscaster of the Year Award Winner

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