Dylan Johnson

June Comeback Athlete of the Month 2017

Our Comeback Athletes are individuals that have had an injury, gone through the necessary recovery and have 'comeback' to play sports again. They have utilized one of our AMP physicians: Dr. Elliott, Dr. Klepps, Dr. Shenton or Dr. Phipps, and used one of AMP's owning partners for some or all of their procedures or recovery: St. Vincent Healthcare, Ortho Montana and Yellowstone Surgery Center.

Senior, 2017-18 School Year at Billings Senior High School

Sports & Accomplishments:

Spring, Summer and Fall Sport: Baseball

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  • Position: Catcher, 3rd base
  • Jersey Number: 7
  • Number of years playing: 11
  • Accomplishments: Winning a TOC championship, winning several tournaments in travel ball, making the Cardinals, making the Baseball Northwest tournament and becoming a Scarlet.
  • Injury:

    Doctor: Dr. Steven Klepps

    Injury: Ulnar Nerve Subluxation, left arm

    When did the first injury happen?
    It happened in Centralia, Wa while I was attending the Baseball Northwest tournament.

    What was going through your mind in that moment?
    Oh this is nothing because throughout the prior season with the Cardinals my knee would always dislocate so I did not think much of it.

    How long were you out?
    I could not finish the tournament and I could not play fall baseball so in total I missed 2-3 months of baseball.

    What was involved in your recovery?
    In the beginning just learning to deal with it. I had to straighten it and bend it as much as I could so my leg wouldn’t become a permanent bend. I did a lot of balance stuff with medicine balls and bands. Towards the end I did leg press mostly walking up the stairs. Walking was definitely the hardest thing to relearn.

    What was your biggest adjustment returning to sports?
    Trusting my leg to do what it should do.

    Looking back, what was the most difficult part while you were out of sports due to the injury?
    Watching baseball on TV was the hardest cause it made me wanna be out there even more. It made me realize I wasn’t going to play for a little while.

    What advice do you have for other athletes that find themselves in a similar situation due to an injury?
    It is all based on attitude. Having a positive attitude towards an injury will take patience but an injury like this isn’t the end of the world. Listen to your physical therapist, do the exercises, and realize you will be playing again soon enough.

    A Personal Look

    What activities/clubs/volunteer work have you been involved with during your high school career?
    My time after school is pretty much dedicated to homework and baseball. Volunteer with Flakesgiving and help with baseball camps

    Favorite sports figure:
    Jonathon Lucroy

    My greatest moment in sports so far is:
    Being the first Cardinals team to go to State since 2003 this past year.

    My future goals are:
    Play baseball at the collegiate level and become a physical therapist.

    My mom is: Nadine Rath

    My sibling is: Michaela Johnson, 19

    Photo Credit: Alsa Photography

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