Physical Activity

April 17, 2014 9:09 pm
Tayna Flanagan MS ED, ATC, CSCSRead Article »

As a nation, the state of our physical well-being is not improving. In fact the likelihood of finding 10 children that can properly perform 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, and have the ability to skip with reciprocated arm/leg movement is becoming farther and fewer between. On a superficial level there are evident contributors:

  1. In Snohomish County (north of Seattle) some children DO NOT have the opportunity to participate in school P.E. until the 3rd Grade.
  2. Some grade school children only get one recess per day, some might get three. There are no standards or regulations on these physical activity opportunities.
  3. Parks and recreation facilities are not always readily available for the general public. Cost of programs, commute distance, and safety are factors that must be evaluated when considering such programs.
  4. Busy schedules, conveniences such as prepared meals, and lack of appropriate planning or lack of ability to plan contribute to our poor lifestyle choices and behaviors.

Triangular Fibrocartilaginous Complex

February 10, 2014 9:09 am
Suzette Nynas, Ed.d, ATC , LARead Article »

Wrist injuries frequently occur as a result of participating in sporting, recreational, and everyday activities. When we hear of wrist injuries, we often hear of individuals either spraining or fracturing their wrist. A sprain occurs when the ligaments are either stretched beyond normal limits or torn, whereas a fracture occurs when the structure and congruity of the bone or bones is disrupted. One example of a particular wrist injury, which we do not hear much about, is damage to the Triangular Fibrocartilaginous Complex or TFCC.

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